The ongoing transition of our energy system sets up a huge challenge to us: plenty of decentralized fluctuating renewable energy sources as well as increasing consumption require clever strategies to keep things running. Smart Energy Systems will teach you not only loads of technical knowledge but also provides essential digital skills. Besides the simulation and optimization of energy systems we will focus on modern computer and communication technology like AI or blockchain. Our aim is to give you deep understanding not only of the individual producer and consumer technologies but also in terms of an optimized operation of these interconnected energy systems.

Campus Feuchtwangen is a branch office of Ansbach University of Applied Science. Our sustainable and state-of-the-art building is home for research and teaching. Every part of the wonderful historical Bavarian town with its medieval city centre might be reached within a walk. Several sport clubs, bars or facilities such as cinema and theatre offer activities besides your study and will enrich your leisure time in Franconia. You can live either in a modern home or choose a flat in one of the characteristic half-timbered buildings.

As we are still growing there is a chance to apply for PHD after a successful study.

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