About Fraunhofer Innovation Platforms (FIP)

A Fraunhofer Innovation Platform FIP is a temporary Fraunhofer-like research unit hosted and operated by a university or non-commercial research organization abroad, in close collaboration with one or more Fraunhofer Institutes in Germany. FIPs are embedded in the legal structure of the partner organization without becoming a legal entity of their own.

The main objective of the Fraunhofer Innovation Platform FIP collaboration scheme is to jointly foster technology transfer from academia to industry and society with benefits to all actors. The FIP aims at performing contract research at TRL levels 4 through 8 for industry customers in the country or broad region where the FIP is located as well as publicly funded research projects.

To this end, the FIP develops a unique business proposition by synergistically combining complementary competencies of the Fraunhofer Institute and its international research partner. In China, Fraunhofer has together with Partners established two FIPs since 2019.

Shanghai Jiaotong University – Fraunhofer Innovation Platform for Smart Manufacturing

On March 26, 2019, Shanghai Jiaotong University (SJTU) signed an official contract with the Fraunhofer Society of Germany and Shanghai Lingang District to establish the SJTU Fraunhofer Society Smart Manufacturing Innovation Platform. The platform is a strong combination of Germany’s Industry 4.0 and China’s high-level research institution in smart manufacturing, building a platform and bridge for Sino-German cooperation, and is of great significance for Shanghai to build a smart manufacturing innovation centre with global influence. This will be done in joint research activities between researchers from Germany and China during frequent visits.

Located in Lingang New City, China and Germany have cooperated to build the Future Smart Manufacturing Experience Centre, which is open to the public to learn more about the application of Industry 4.0, Industrial Internet, Digital Twin and Artificial Intelligence technologies in the field of smart manufacturing. The centre works like a show room, where everyone who is interested can experience cutting-edge technologies.

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Shanghai Jiaotong University – Fraunhofer Innovation Platform for Urban Eco-Development

The Shanghai Jiaotong University-Fraunhofer Innovation Platform for Urban Ecological Development was established on the 4th November 2019. The project is dedicated to introducing advanced German technologies and experiences in the field of urban ecology and smart cities and combining them with Chinese technologies for further research and optimization. Furthermore, it aims to promote the sustainable development of China’s big cities and to empower optimal urban ecology and the achievement of dual carbon goals.

Among the research projects already carried out by the innovation platform are a series of Fraunhofer’s cutting-edge scientific achievements in different fields such as: digital city artificial intelligence modelling and database technology, concrete pulse decomposition technology, WUFI building heat and humidity analysis software, and calamus green building material technology.

Simulation of Traffic Emissions in Cities Using Fraunhofer Artificial Intelligence Automated Modeling Techniques.
With the WUFI@ software developed by Fraunhofer IBP, the heat and humidity conditions of building components can be successfully simulated for further building energy savings.


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Shanghai Jiaotong University – Fraunhofer Innovation Platform for Smart Manufacturing

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Shanghai Jiaotong University – Fraunhofer Innovation Platform for Urban Ecological Development

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