The DAAD Branch Office Beijing is thrilled to welcome all Germany alumni to join us for an interactive discussion of how today’s architects influence, shape and improve our everyday life.

Impact and Power Design - Visions from Germany and China will feature Mr. LI Du, Chinese Architect, Public Welfare Manager and Co-founder of UrbanxRural and Ms. Binke Lenhardt co-founder and partner of award-winning company Crossboundaries. Our distinguished guests will share insights and experiences from work in the architecture field from Asia and Europe. Speaker presentations will be followed by a panel discussion and a Q&A session with the audience.

This event will be held in Chinese and English.      Sign up here!

Following this event, alumni attendees are warmly invited to join a networking dinner at the If Design Café! Food and beverages, including beer, will be provided.

The reservation for this event will be for invited guests only. Please register in advance until October 21, 2020.

Keynote Speech:  Spatial solutions for a demanding future – 18 years of architectural practice in China

Binke Lenhardt will share her 18 years of living and working in Beijing, looking into the diverse architectural reality in China’s ever-changing context by sharing some of the firm’s projects, elaborating on the influencing factors of project background, location, size and other limitations.

From urban scale architecture all the way down to graphic design, teaching, event creation and theoretical research, Crossboundaries practices by name, crossing the boundaries into activities and dialogues in the broad field of design and the subject of architecture, receiving multiple international awards and funding for their work.

Keynote speech:  Architects within Communities – The Impact of Common Spaces

Di will share his experience of studying Architecture in Berlin and his work back in China. This talk will be based on the background of architecture study on community renewal in Germany and the current development of community in China. All is trying to answer the question: how architects can participate in urban and rural community renewal and what they could bring to the locals?

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Informationen zur Veranstaltung

29. Oktober 2020, 16:00 bis 21:00 Uhr

iF Designcenter, Chengdu
Veranstalter: DAAD China

Binke Lenhardt

Binke Lenhardt is co-founder and partner of Crossboundaries, established in 2005 in Beijing. She graduated from architecture in Germany and the United States and worked in both countries, before moving to China in 2002. She is a registered architect in Germany and is appointed member of the BDA (Association of German Architects). Over the years Cross-boundaries has grown into an award-winning company known for its creative approach to educational projects as well as its ability to examine and expand the designated building programs so that they reach their highest and most community beneficial potentials.

Di Li

Di LI is a Chinese Architect, Public welfare manager and Co-founder of UrbanxRural since 2018. He received his degree majoring in Architecture from TU Berlin in 2016. During his master study at TU Berlin he worked on applying the German methodology of social research and practice into Chinese cultural context. After Graduation, he worked as an Architect at China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation in many poor rural areas of China. With the support of CFPA, he initiated “Shangliangzuo” Association of Common-spirited Architects, which is the predecessor of UrbanxRural.